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Phase 2: Implement

We convert strategic plans into actions.

How it works.

It’s all about sustainability.

Propose Plan for

We document the objectives and action plan for review and approval.

Execute Action Plan

We gain participant buy-in and execute action plan seamlessly.

Assess and
Follow Up

We evaluate, monitor and course- correct till the objectives are achieved.

Why leaders love it.

We do everything we can to make sure that your investments pay off.

We act as a buffer to safeguard

relationship capital.

Sometimes, leaders have to make necessary but unpopular decisions to do right by the organisation as a whole and not just specific individuals. These decisions can be challenging to make and more difficult to implement. We act as a buffer by communicating change as part of the implementation, to take the heat off of the leaders and preserve relationships.

Communicating Change

Shared responsibility for decisions

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Buy in - Implement.png

We gain buy-in from the concerned parties to assure their cooperation and commitment.

For any solution to be successful, we need the commitment of the top management, support for and by the middle management and ownership of the individuals who need to make the necessary changes. All of our solutions factor-in this multi-level buy-in to ensure the success of the solution.

Proper Positioning of Solutions

Aligning Interests

Gain access to our people expertise on-demand, to optimise your costs. 

All of our work is in regard to one factor – people. If your problem is in relation to people, then we’re the perfect people to help you overcome that – with the added bonus that you can work with us on one solution at a time, as necessary.

Specialised Skillset

Flexibility of a Partnership

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Client Learning - Implement.png

We facilitate client learning to ensure that you remain independent.

Sustainability of solutions is sacrosanct to us. The mark of real change and growth is its existence even after we are gone. As such, all of our solutions have in-built modules to share with our clients on how they can leverage and maintain the solutions long after our departure. We love long term relationships, but we don’t think it should be because you have no choice but to depend on us.

Client Learning of Solutions

We follow up to see if the desired objectives are being achieved to ensure we’re on the right track.

Our follow up measures allow us to assess the progress of individuals against the objectives, set out at the start of our projects, and course correct accordingly. We take into account, not only, the individuals’ perspective on their growth, but those of the people around them – managers, leaders and peers - to ensure there is no bias. Moreover, change takes time and we plan to see them through their journey with the use of a proper support system.

Assessments and Evaluation

Helpline and Phone Support

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Get started today.

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