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Thank you for purchasing our products. We appreciate your support and hope the experience you have during our programs is as fruitful as the one we have planning and building them. 

As with any training programs, there are just a few terms and conditions. Ours are as follows: 

Waiver of Charges of Course

A full waiver of charges for the course can be requested, should the after-course survey results indicate that half the class or more find the program to be below average.


A note of cancellation of the course should be made at least two weeks before the course. Deposits made, if any, will be fully refunded.


Should the cancellation be made during the last two weeks leading up to the day of the course, a late-cancellation fee of $1000 would be charged, as compensation for the preparation done for the course. If a deposit has been made, the cancellation fee can be deducted from the deposit, and the remaining amount – if any – will be refunded.

Change of Date of Course

The day of the course can be made anytime. A one-week notice will be appreciated. 

Contact information

If you have any questions about these policies or further queries, please e-mail us at

Alternatively you can leave us a message/schedule a chat/schedule a call via our contact us page.

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